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Toy Run

The Toy run serves the city attaining and the cancer station for the support of the child hospital. The flow is like that we (74 " or more and J. Glassgow) collect in the preparation time toys and cash, which are transferred to the paediatric clinic at the Toy run. With this cash, the stay of the Kid's in the hospital is to be more pleasantly. These stays can be often necessary for a very long time and in always recurring, small-becoming distances. And with our internal message, which took place for the first time in this form in spring 1996, we want to help to arrange the concerning these stays and handlings somewhat more pleasantly.


Last year we can give over 6500 DM to the hospital, where the cash is used for the patients. Not for the maintenance, but for the acquisition of video recorder, tape recorder... simply things, which are to facilitate the stay during months-long handlings and here remaining often for hours with blood laundry etc..

Der Convoi

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